Sketchbook Prompt #4 - Create a pie chart

Sketchbook Prompt #4 takes us to one of the most fun all ages prompt there is.  I really like being able to interact with all groups when making art.  The Pie chart is just that, it can be done with your kids or for a time of self reflection.

The sketchbook has wide powers, one of them being that of healing.  I battle having a low immune system due to Colitis.  The sketchbook has been a place for me to relax, a form of mediation.  I haven't not been successful with meditating in a taught way, but I can attest to the power of the sketchbook and gardening for relaxing.  This past week I have felt unwell, and this prompt allows me to rely on what I am grateful for to help heal those ails.  I am a stubborn optimist (if you can believe it I wasn't always) that relays on positivity to help heal.  So it seemed fitting to name this pie chart, Gratitude.

How to begin:

On scrap paper write out words that explain what Gratitude means to your life.  I was thinking about how grateful I am for my family, and that I like to be with them specfically.  I know that is not always the case.  Smiling faces of people I know, even when it's in passing.  Of course long endless walks and coffee, but other things as well.  But as I finished my list and began working on my pie chart I realized that I had more things, and in fact things I overlook.  That is the power of a pie chart, you might begin one which will lead you to another.  This is probably the one I need to think more on anyway.  The second one is titled, What I Overlook.

Once you have your lists, gather them around your sketchbook.  Open up and draw a large circle, I used the bottom of something on my desk.  Get your materials, pens, paints, markers, etc.  I recommend limiting yourself to 3 colors for this exercise.  It will let you explore different ways the colors work off each other, sometimes limiting yourself can be freeing.  You will want to figure out how much space you give to a certain idea, that is part of the reflection component.  Once you have it all written out, play with drawing, painting, making color.  This gives you time to reflect on what you just wrote, and why.  And in my case, it led me on to the second one.


  • loose paper
  • pencil and pens
  • something to create a circle with.
  • sketchbook
  • 3 colors of your choosing, I used Acryla gouache paint with a size 6 sable brush.  You may want to use watercolor, markers, watercolor colored pencils.

Future Ideas:

I have included some images of other pie charts I have done, I did Comfort vs. Discomfort, The Perfect Day, and one that you don't see is Loves.  The possibilities for these is endless, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.