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The rainy days of Summer are around the corner.

As I look onto the porch this rainy morning, I reminded of the ritualistic like feature of Summer rain.  The way it cools off the days is refreshing, the plants grow with a fierceness that tap water doesn't provide.  I also reflect on how I loved painting this floor, it was a warm series of evenings that energized me into this fit of painting.   How I hope to find another space to paint like this again.

New Products! We have our biggest selection ever.  Each shirt is available in xs up to XXL.  

This beautiful stack of shirts are all printed on Alternative Apparel shirts.  You will find different styles here, but all the same softness you rely on.  Shirts are $25 each and if you live in Tallahassee use the coupon code "live local" for free delivery.

Coming soon, an artist's books documenting my sketchbook adventure.  

Since the beginning of year I have embarked on a personal project I affectionally call Sketchbook Challenge 2017 (you can follow along at Instagram).  Each day I paint / draw in my sketchbook.  I have now made a small edition artist book.  Each book is 16 pages and contains images from the many sketchbooks I have worked on this year.  Each book will cost $10.  Let me know if you want me to put one aside for you!