Sketchbook Prompt #8 - Repeating an image over and over

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Sketchbook Prompt #8 - Repeating an image over and over

I know this might sound redundant doing something over and over. But I’m pretty sure this is how we get good at things. Thinking back at how children learn, they have to tie their shoes so many times before it’s instinctual. Playing an instrument takes time and commitment, and you have to do it over and over. I also do this in my work. This is how my thinking goes, I am curious about plants, vases, and bouquets therefore I will draw/paint them endlessly to see what will come of this relationship. I will learn how I see them, how I want to change them, how I want to continue to be with them. I will only learn about them if I spend time with them. This is a lot like a relationship, a good relationship takes care and commitment. So does making art.

The question to ask yourself is what are you curious about? Food, clothing, traveling to new places, hiking, vintage books? You may not be able to answer this in one thought. You may need to go out and look around, see what you keep scrolling to on Instagram or finding yourself day dreaming about.

Once you find the thing you feel most curious about right now, draw/paint it. Our curiosity’s change, I know mine do. So be sure to allow yourself to move onto other things too. Make it abstract, make it look naturalist, try drawing it photorealistic. Think about words that describe it, draw those. Play with font and make a page that is only text. Paint it in different colors, paint it upside down, paint it using a big loose brush, paint it using a tiny brush.

The idea is to try and look at it as many different ways possible. You will see new things that you missed before. You will create your own collection of drawing/paintings that show your relationship with that special thing. The longer you stay with this curiosity the more it will evolve. I recommend at least 20 different pages. But that may seem like too much, so be sure to make it approachable.


  • sketchbook! Here are some suggestions of beautiful ones; Kunst and Papier, Moleskin watercolor sketchbook, Strathmore series 500 mixed media paper.

  • Drawing and painting tools

  • then different painting and drawing tools, remember you want to add variety to these pages.

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