Taking Advice

Well gosh, so many of us know that when advice is given it is not always at the right time.  There seems to be a small window where advice is really actually needed, received well and helps.  As an artist I went to Undergrad art school, graduate school, have taught many years as an adjunct professor and so giving advice, in a way that I cross my fingers is helpful, has been something that I am use to.  I try not to do this when it's not appropriate, and only when the situation is needed.  However, I am usually on the giving end.  With that said, I hope that I don't take advice badly, I imagine that I can be sensitive to someones ideas.  I often say I am like a cup, ready to be filled up.  (sometimes good sometimes bad) As a practicing artist and someone that works everyday it can be lonely on the end of advice.  You can find me most evenings holding artwork up in front of my 10 year old boy, what do you think, how's the composition, is it too weird, what about if it were bigger, what do you think I should charge for it, what else could I do with it.  My husband and child have probably heard such an onslaught of questions that they might even be programmed as what is the right thing to say in response.  I often look desperate with wanting to know more.  

Several weeks back I decided to take to social media, Instagram, and ask how my (sweet) viewers could see my work evolving, specifically with my sketchbook project.  I was given great advice, they said artist speaking with an art show, postcards, artist books, coloring books, wallpaper, rugs, shower curtains, and the list went on.  At first I was kind of overwhelmed with the idea of how many things I could do.  And really the question was but how?  However, having the brain that I have, it totally amped up and jumped off of these suggestions with a mighty leap.  This was just what I needed.  

Now some of us, listen to advice and then don't do anything with it.  Totally reasonable, it wasn't appropriate, it was too lofty, perhaps it was just not the right time.  In my situation, it was probably the most perfect timing I could ask for.  The products are rolling in, after that advice session I went ahead and created stuff, lots of stuff.  I am now delighted to say I have postcards, wrapping paper, gift tags, a coloring book, stickers, bags and pillows that can be printed on demand and I'm awaiting an artist book to arrive.  Whew, that feels good.  And there is no way at this time in my life I could of done it alone.