I have had the unique experience of teaching a new to me class at FSU, Sketchbooking.  While I know this seems like an obvious class for art students and myself, it can actually be a difficult habit to maintain.  I was so over the moon about this journey.  I took lots of classes on Skillshare, read Cover to Cover several times by Julia Rothman and then started on my own journey.  I took it really seriously, and with that I meant was that I dove in.  I call it the Sketchbook Challenge 2017 and I have been documenting it on Instagram.

With all this sketchbooking I came to discover several things I had been avoiding in my personal life.  Some of those are really quite boring to share over the internet, but a lot of it was just finally tuning into what my mind was having a hard time telling me.  I needed to pull back from a lot of commitments that I thought I should be maintaining.  This past December I also read the book by Elle Luna,  The Crossroads of  Should and Must.  This book has been leaving seeds in my mind to help me recognize what I needed to change.

Change can be horrible.  All this sketchbooking is keeping me sane, but changing what others expect of me is difficult.  I knew this would happen and it has been trying on me.  So what may seem like a beautiful new world is always a space that has saved me.  It was space that allowed me to try on my new robes and shed the skin of what once was.