It's time to get on the bike again

I am here writing this a month shy of turning 40.  That is not daunting to me, it actually excites me.  I love the idea of opening the gates of a new time in my life, and hopefully one that propels me forward.  

As I reflect, because that's the kind of bird I am.  I have found, as I suspect others have as well, that I have been avoiding trying new things based on not having enough time to even consider starting a new adventure. I do have legitimate excuses like all of us, I am a homeschooling mom, adjunct professor, owner and creator of this here ,Platypusfile, wife, daughter, friend, and super involved in my local homeschool co-op, but I am still me.  Always hungry for learning new things, and really really, ready and over due.  Most of my artwork and product designs have been due to me finding a new technique or immersing myself in a new found skill.

So, it's time to make time.  I know easier said then done.  They say there is a never good time to quit smoking, like there will never be that time in life where everything calms down (As I write this my son blares Weird Al in our 1000 square foot home) so, dive in and get messy, even when it seems like a bad time.

What I am hoping for, and I am little nervous to even say it out loud, is to concentrate more on my drawing.  finding a way to integrate it more into the products.  I am taking Adobe Illustration lessons, and brain storming on new product lines for Spring 2016.  I am concentrating on how to incorporate text with image for a bigger line of greeting cards.  I am also working on pattern design and repetition, not sure where that is headed, but momentum is a good enough reason for me to stick with it.

So that is the path I am beginning,  I know I will be tired, but I hope I come out: stronger, smarter, more creative (thanks to Tywla Tharp's book The Creative Habit), and well, maybe even happier.  To trying new things out, I hope you all will join me.