Starting anew

It's very exciting to be writing this blog post in my new website.  I'm pretty jazzed with how smoothly and easy it is to view my work now.  I have to admit I am not one of the digital age, I live in a world adorned with most things handmade.  However, it is time I merge my sensibilities with the internet.  

I hope to connect with my viewer more, and that is something that comes easily at craft shows, and workshops, but is harder to maintain via the internet.  I do however, see many folks that do it fluidly and I hope to get a little more comfortable and at least have half the ease they have.

A wonderful customer asked "how did I get the name Platypusfile?"  There are two questions I get a lot at craft shows.  That is one of them, the second I will address next.  Platypusfile is hopefully funny and amusing to the guest who first sees it's name.  It is kind of like a riddle, but there is no answer.  I love books and words in addition to making things.  We have a book collection well over 3,000 books.  I was lunching with a friend talking about what to name by biz, back in 2005, and then we came up with Platypusfile.  Simply because I love the word Platypus, I think as you say it brings joy and laughter to your mouth.  And File because I am a bibliophile.  I am glad I named my business Platypusfile, it is unexpected, and if I had to do it again I'm not sure I would have the guts to be so irreverent. 

Another good question that comes up, and is put a healthy number of ways, what is my inspiration?  People often find my work familiar yet different, something that might be embroidery but it's not.  I am inspired by a number of things and probably what people see is my admiration for Folk traditions, Romanian, Mexican, Scandinavian, Turkish, American.  I do not favor one, I blend them all into what I hope is something new and refreshing.  I often do this by changing forms more abstractly, brightening color, merging lines and referencing my own take on nature.  I am not a folk artist, I am a trained artist with a MFA from The Art Institute of Chicago but I am an artist that looks at what has come before her and introduces again with new insight.

I love being asked questions, I find by having to come up with answers I learn more about my brand and practice.  So please always ask me or any other artist about what they make.  We appreciate you thinking of us and wanting to take part.