summer love


My summer was miserably wonderful.  I really mean it.  I got sick at the end of April, and for the rest of the summer I tried to distract, heal, medically treat all the symptoms that were showing up daily.  It seemed like a battle I might have to continually fight, and I was becoming too tired and too weak for it.  Happily, I am better now and can write this with clarity, something I have been without for a while.  My gallbladder was making me sick, I had gallstones but it was also under-active and I suffered from chronic nausea and pain.  It wasn't like anything I ever experienced, but it was uncomfortable, and sometimes unbearable.  The medical advice was inconsistent and lengthy, I cannot imagine having to deal with that system on a regular basis, I was actually feeling like giving up before I knew what was wrong just so I could be done with all the hoop jumping.  I luckily know now that my gallbladder was making me terribly sick, I am now almost 5 weeks from the surgery and feel amazing.  Just like the me I thought existed.  

Besides treating myself nutritionally and medically some of my self based treatments were camping at the Beach, bike riding and painting.  I cannot say enough about summer camping, I know it is hot in Florida but the cool breeze at the beach is soothing, and the ocean water healing.  Every time we left our campsite to come home I felt some better, a healing that nothing else could resemble.  We camped at 5 different locations, so we really made it a big part of our summer. I also painted as much as I could for my show, Even the Night Shined, at the RA Gray Building in Tallahassee, FL.  The slow, methodical process of creating strokes, color, and shapes was comforting.  You will also find many gallbladders hidden among the botanical shapes that I am known for.  Something that happened unexpectedly. 

I sympathize with those who are sick, I did not want to be someone who was defined by their last symptom.  I love life, I love being active, I love trying new things.  I am incredibly grateful for everyday.  And am so pleased to feel like me again, and to be able to think beyond what my body feels like.