Starting off a new Year!

Just shy of a week and so much has transpired this year.  I love having a chance to begin again, sort through things, behavior, ideas and make changes.  My sweet boy's birthday is on the last day of year, so when he turns his bright new age, he fully does this for one year.  I like this idea, starting something new for a whole year.  

For his birthday we did a Cryptid hunt.  A cryptid is something like a treant (seen below), mermaid, mothman, werewolf, etc.  We created a field guide and they had to do this scavenger hunt to save and protect these beings.  The party was as much fun as bringing the idea(s) to life.  Since then, I have been looking over Platypusfile, thinking of new items to make, making my staples, thinking about its path.  I love my work and enjoy it immensely, but I often just flow on its momentum and it's nice to have time to think.  

As with others, cleaning is also another way I usher in the new year.  I am rare and do enjoy cleaning, having to take care of my goods is reassuring and reminds me that I do not need as much as I want.  I look forward to all this reflection and hope to continue with this mindfulness well into the year.  I wish you all a healthy, fun and loving New Year!