Our new porch

We have lived in our sweet cottage for 10 years now.  10 wonderful, adventure filled years!  Our house also has a 20 foot screened in porch, which for most of it's life with us has served as a catch all rather than a place to rest, talk and enjoy.  My summer task was to fix it up and paint it for a Birthday celebration for my momma and aunt this past June.  Although last minute I decided to also paint a mural on the floor of the porch.  I was totally itching to do another mural, my experience at North Florida Community College was so awesome that I wanted another go at it.  This definitely helped fill that mural hunger.  So here is our sweet porch since it's debut in late June.  I also got a chance to seat 17 folks all around one table for Brunch.  I have big romantic ideas of everyone sitting, drinking tea, and laughing.  So glad it has happened and can now happen again in the future!