a little of this a little of that

Spring is always so hopeful for me, full of new possibilities.  I love the idea of actual growth and how we can grow goodness and new ideas within ourselves.  I tend to make several different types of things, one time I counted and I was working on 30 different things.  This was always said to be bad, which is a shame.  I spent many years in art school and before that public school and they thought that a devoted focus to one idea was best.  I can see how that is best for many, but not this creative person.  I need many things going on, I need to jump around.  I have a hunger for problem solving which often leads me to figure something out on one project to then influence the other.  This is good and this is how I work.   It has taken me many many years to accept and nourish this time of work, I have had to battle all the voices who said focus on one thing is best.  I know we all have our battles.  I have also been working pushing myself to try new things.  At the late of last year it was the mural, I have also been working on hand lettering, watercolor painting, and evolving my wears into different directions.  I am humble to this process and so lucky to have it.  Here are several photos of what I have been up to.