Summer is glorious, even the heat.  Which is a serious thing to say when you live in N. Florida.  Most folks probably wouldn't agree with me on this, but I love the heat, the rain, the rapid growth that overcomes the summer days.  It is probably what fuels a lot of my work.  I tend to like to watch when something wild gets even wilder.  Then there are the days where I am trying to tame this wildness, like today in the garden.  Clipping, trimming, whacking, wiping sweat and repeating.  A bit like the creative process, but I sweat less, at least in a physical sense.  

I think about this blog often and of social media and wonder who it is that I am talking to.  On the rare days are I do speak it doesn't seem like I am truly talking to anyone but myself.  But I am sure that is how folks felt when they were writing books, and this is nothing so dear as that.  However, I wanted to say this here and now, to tell you that is why I stray.  I actually love making pictures, finding words, seeing what happens.  But then there is always that creeping doubt that questions why do it?  

Summer is lovely, I always read more, swim more, eat more fruit.  All very good things.  This is also the time when my brain is a stirring for new products, designs for Fall.  I will be concentrating on drawings and prints for the next few months and will post what comes of my new ideas.  I am hoping your summer is as lovely as you are.

cloth bag in Harmony print $12

work in progress

silk screen plus water color

assorted cards and mini prints $5-$7