My love keeps growing for Asheville

We had so much fun on our last trip, it took place in Asheville, N.C.  Even though it is bit of a drive from Tallahassee, it is well worth it.  It starts for us in a small town, Monticello, G.A., a town you hit traveling up to Athens, G.A.  We ate at a small southern eatery that sported that wonderful bear on it's building, too good.  When we first started to travel doing craft shows, I wondered if I would get sick of all the car traveling, I have not.  I love the time in the car, looking at the Southern landscape, how it has stayed the same and all of it's changes.  

Then to our destination, Asheville.  One of things I love is enjoying good food, well made local food.  Asheville has plenty of that.  Our first night we ate at HomeGrown, so good and so affordable.  I wish we had this same place in Tally.  We ate three meals there in four days. We also spent some wonderful time in Malaprops, a local bookstore.  I love a good bookstore, and wanted to read everything they had.   It was hard tearing me away from those shelves.  I was thinking about Asheville today and how those who live their specifically eat local and shop local, and how that can really transform where one lives.  This will be my goal for my town.  

We also explored the surrounding area, traveling to Chimney Rock.  I am crazy for nature, the reality of it and the romantcicim around it.  We hiked a bit and went up the super fast elevator 26 floors to the Chimney Rock- W O W!. I am unfortunately scared of heights, I love the view of Lake Lure, despite the knots that curled up in my stomach and throat. 

 Then of course the reason for the trip = The Big Crafty!  I love it of course.  So much amazing talent, I wish I had a chance to spend more time looking, really looking.  It is like a museum for me, full of the wonder I look for.  I am such a handmade junkie.  There is so many special parts of traveling and doing handmade craft shows, but something I have realized is - that the friendships that have been made have nourished something in me that I didn't know needed to be watered.  I have gained so much by being part of this handmade world, I appreciate it's honesty and insistence on meaningfulness.  I love my life choice.