I think it's the heat

I hate to complain about how hot it is, it's not a pet peeve of mine, but I think it seems silly to complain in general.  However, it's so darn hot!  This morning I realized I have been trying to avoid stuffing pillows.  I wasn't sure why I was avoiding them, and then through the murmur of two fans the light bulb went on in my brain, I haven't wanted any extra cloth or other particles touching my skin.  Yes, we have air conditioning, but it is still warm.  I am sure like most folks one starts to dream about upcoming Fall days, the friskiness in the air, outside time that doesn't involve strange sweat drips all over.  So, for the past hour I have been cleaning the studio.  Very helpful but now once I publish this post, it's time to stuff.  The Procrastination must end! oh - and taking pics is also a good way to continue to avoid stuffing pillows!