whoosh - so much happened in a month!

I am amazed that a month has gone by since I posted, having a remodel was an incredible experience.  I had such a great contractor - Travis Pittman, and a very very good crew.  I wanted to post high quality pictures, but I haven't gotten around to being finished with everything.  So I decided to do a post of almost finished pictures, because that is much more realistic anyway.  I am loving our bigger space, my studio, all the sunshine the home gets, the quiet dinning room.  So many wonderful things our house offers.

In the beginning - we had a mess.

The above mess was our dinning room/ my 2 year temporary studio

1/2 of our side porch

progress from our living room door

now what it looks like from the same door

built ins- so useful and pretty.  We also have a shelf that goes around the rest of the room that holds all my books.  More pictures later.

Now are very useable dinning room

Our living room opening out to the studio/ pocket door open