Looking out the window.   I have never really thought much about a view one might have from their home.  I started watching HGTV lately, I am a very late comer to this channel, and have discovered the love many have for a view.  I can see why - there are so many incredible landscapes.  Especially those living abroad, I tend to watch the shows so I can see what type of lovely surroundings they might have.  Our view is small and simple.  I did not buy my home for this, I loved it's sweet vintage style.  It is a 1946 cottage, formerly farm land of a dairy.  I adore this space, and recently realized I do love it's view.  When I look out the windows I see green greenery, all year.  It is amazing, I feel surrounded by nature even though I can easily walk to a busy street surrounded by coffee shops, eatery's, and cute town shops.  I have been a bit obsessed by seeing other's views on tv, and am understanding how lucky I am for what I can see. We are doing some renovations and building a studio, so here are some pics of what we see. However simple I am grateful.