What a mess!

I am so thankful that I get to make things for a living.  I definitely wake up every day knowing how lucky I am to be able to have a life that revolves around the handmade.  I have been using our dinning room for the past 3 years as studio/dinning room.  Which is super tricky, we live in a 930 square foot cottage.  Lovely but small.  I have moments where everything runs smoothly, but more often than not I cannot find the item I need.  As for the pattern for boys pants.  I am doing a tutorial for the wonderful blog Charm Stitch.  So as I prepare for the photo session I realize I cannot find all that I need.  (I have also been looking for my favorite book for over two months now).  Well, then I dove into my mess.  As some of you know I am starting the process of building an addition that will be my studio.  I took this opportunity to throw out/give away what has been accumulating over the past year.  Good news - I have found the pattern, my fav book, and cleaned up for the upcoming move to my very own studio.  Here is the dreaded before, and some fun collections I found during my day.  Check back in the week for a sneak peek at the tutorial.