loving books

Oh my goodness - I have been very lucky this past week.  All of (well, most of) my books have arrived.  I have been eyeing these beauties for some time now.  I love books, old, new, used, smelly (sometimes), children's, gardening, art, craft, fiction, non-fiction.  I am a bit of a lover, I really do have many interests, and books allow me to escape to so many far off and close places.  We have over 2,000 books and counting.  I am excited to see where these pretties will end up in my studio.  The first two that arrived were Dottie Angel and Camilla Engman.  Both published by the amazing publication Uppercase.  I recommend getting a subscription to this periodical while you are it.  The other four did come from Amazon.  I have been trying to only buy books locally or from small presses, but I am starting to run out of places.  And I want what I want.  So many books to read and love.  I hope you all have a stack you are also drooling over.  Have a most wonderful weekend!