Crafty goodness!

I have a tendency to get overly occupied by certain thoughts - once I start thinking about something I cannot stop.  Even in my sleep, pretty much last night I dreamt of bird pillows all night.  I have been thinking about booth displays, and more booth displays. We have been working on my table top display for the big crafty - and it is all I hoped for.  My hubby did a great job with it.  I will show pictures of it once I truly set it up for showtime.  I thought I would show a bit more of my booth that I show at the downtown market here in Tally.  I have more room, more props since I am in a tent and not just a table.  I try and make it a little boutique, I really like the glass cabinet- it seems like a shop piece.  One of my best purchases has been the sheers from Ikea, people love them and it creates a defined space without having to block out light.