Downtown Marketplace - a special treat!

The Downtown Marketplace is something extra special.  Every Saturday food vendors, artisans, volunteers, animal shelter advocates come together to enrich our community.  The outdoor marketplace provides a place for a leisurely stroll, to buy a one of kind gift, to support your neighborhood farms, to dance in the streets and of course the list may go on.  I think the markets gets overlooked when we try and figure out what to do with our Saturday.  Well - bring it back on your radar.  I have been going since Spring, no seniority at all.  But have loved each time I go - even when it's a 100 degrees.  The folks are amazing, always in high spirits.  And there is usually something new I have never seen, just look.  I hope you can come join us this Saturday.  Check out several of the fantastic vendors; Liz Smith the lovely Jeweler who has etched the cooper necklace below, Morris Springer the wood turner, always a wonderment to me,J.W. Monteith who creates antique Post Office banks and the marvelous Street Chefs (Tally has their own booming food cart frenzy).  I have also included a bit of my work, in fact I have a new batch of everything this week.