something of wonder

We recently traveled to Athens for the an art/craft show.  Athens is an amazing town, capturing a small town feel mixed with the excitement of a mini city.  We ate wonderful food at The National and Farm 255, so nice to be fed with with lovely food by good people.  The gem of the trip was discovering the art of Susan Carlton Smith.  Her work was displayed in two glass cases at The State Botanical of Georgia.  A wonderful place to discover and re-discover the southern landscape.  Here her small sculptures and mini drawings nestled in the gift shop, humble and brilliant all at once.  These sculptures are remarkable to me, something I have always wanted to see and had not known it.  I love things in nature, made from nature, showing the curiosity that is usually felt in childhood.  Her work does just this.  To see more visit RWoods studio, a ceramic studio in Athens.  They have also been inspired by her loveliness.