Springtime Tallahassee

The market yesterday was very pleasant.  Cool breezes, the sun poked out to warm our bodies and lots of folks coming and going all day.  I had a nice time.  Thanks to all who came to say hi or who bought goodies yesterday.

I displayed my new booth and am really excited to show you some pictures.  The previous weekend at market my booth wasn't as exciting and it was a bit of a bummer for me.  I knew I had some work to do and asked my hubby to help.  As well as my moma who sent the great sheers from Ikea.  Most of the items are from either Good Cents or Good Will, we did some alterations, painting, adding on to create just what I needed.  I had been devouring the web looking trying to figure out what would be good for me to do and what I learned was to make it like a mini boutique, your own store.  That is what I have tried to do.  And it has made it more fun for me too, I've always wanted my own mini store.

I will be at Chain of Parks on the 16th of April if you are around!  To Happy Days!