cloth bags

I am a lover of gifts and cloth bags.  I feel bad when I accept or get a throw away bag (plastic, paper) - I think man I should have known better and brought a bag.  But that can be a difficult thing to remember.  As you know I sell at markets and my dilemma has been over bags.  I felt frustrated over giving a paper bag - even though they are nice.  So -- I decided to give cloth bags that I hand print.  It is always fun to bring out the gocco printer, and an excuse to play with new inks and color combos.  So for as long I do markets, each purchase will come with a bag that is gocco printed by me - a gift.  Of course, you can pass on the bags.  On this lovely day in April, I have been printing out back.  I will be at Chain of Parks this Saturday, crossing my fingers that if it rains it just drizzles.  Look for me in the usual area where the downtown market is.