having fun - even if one gets hurt -- badly

I have just finished Carl Honore's book - Under Pressure - Rescuing our children from the culture of hyper-parenting.  A mouth full.  And I think back to my son and I playing out in the front yard today.  We are building a front yard edible garden and my husband was installing bed frames for the garden beds and my son and I are tickling, licking, laughing -- rough housing around.  Now - usually the boys are who rough houses because I get hurt (although pretty minor).  Today we were laughing and then boink head butt to the nose and crack.  My nose not the little ones, and ouch.  It is either broke or badly bruised.  Enough of a sore nose to make me feel weak, and not able to breath out of my nose well.  I also think it looks different.  But with all that, I don't care, I am so glad to have played rough, to have grass all over my back, to laugh.

I think it is so easy to live under the umbrella of anxiety - never knowing if what you do is enough.  Well, attention and love is enough.  I am lucky to homeschool my son, we take walks to the park, play legos outside, he swirls around playing Ben 10 while I hang laundry out to dry.  It is magical and usually it seems to be far enough away from those who hyper-parent.  But... it sometimes creeps in.  I enjoy Honore's voice, I loved his other book - In Praise of Slowness.  I think he shows the reader what is happening now in a myriad of ways - looking more than one group and/or mind set.  I think we can learn from others, but mostly from really paying attention to our guts.  Making sure we feel we are doing the right thing for one's family.  What I got most from this book was to take more risks -- climb more trees - for both me and my son -- and perhaps at different times.

*  for anyone that lives in Tally I am happy to loan out my copy of the book.