Animal, Vegetable, Miracle -- sing those sweet praises

I have recently read the acclaimed Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.  I am usually a bit behind on the release date of new books - but I eventually get a chance to read them.  I am a big fan of hers, and continue to be with the read of this book.  I think it is admirable and honest to bring the family back to the table for meals, laughter and love.  As well as teach all where our food comes from.  I do think that in our culture we are shown people who either go all the way or nothing.  As they created a life of their own food for one year, being mostly sustained by their own makings.  Again, amazing, but it seems difficult and for many of us we want to contribute in a positive way too.  I recall many conversations with folks that if they can't buy all organic than why bother, etc.  I think there needs to be more advice, words on how to start to be more mindful and aware of our consumption even if you cannot be a localvore, even if you can only do some acts of positive consumption - even the tiny things add up. I am working on buying more local food, we have several dairies here which is lucky.  They have amazing milk, cheese and yogurt.  New Leaf Market has an excellent section on this on their website.  We have one car so we have days where we try to walk and not ride, my husband uses his bike to get to and from work.  We mostly shop for reused items, although we splurge (mostly me).  But with that said, I still feed bad.  And honestly, after I read the book I felt a bit inadequate for not being more hyper about my food.  I think this is common, when someone wants to be better but sees themselves struggle.  I am now reading a lighter book - David Sedaris'- When You Are Engulfed in Flames.  Cheers to my favorites!