What I am reading

I am reading In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore.  I am loving it, the pace of the book matches it's title - it is an elegant read.  Honore covers many areas of how we can enjoy slowing down, in food, with our children, our leisure.  I have been curious about how authors tackle the slow movement for some time now.  I am a fast paced girl who has learned to be more mindful and slow.  I can remember the first time I washed clothes and hung them to dry -- while we were living with my husband's parents when I was a wee young one.  That made a lasting impression on me.  I am more excited and present when I get to fully experience something and slowness helps that.  I recommend this book -- it is no the holier than thou telling us how to be like them, but from a speedaholic curious about how to live better.  I am always for that.