Platypusfile giveaway

Hello friends and fellow crafters.  I am excited to offer a special giveaway this month.  In honor of celebrations, yesterday was my birthday, I thought I would give away a gift to you.  You will get a pack of three stuffed gocco prints - Traveling Forest Greeters.  I have printed on cloth using a gocco printer.  The bird and trees have some cloth that is used as extra embellishment.  They come in a printed sack.  They retail value at $25.  So let's get excited and get ready because there are five ways to enter and each person can enter twice.  Which ever way you decide to enter please leave your response in the comment section.  
1. Visit my shop platypusfile at etsy or in person at Textures Handmade market and let me know what item is your favorite.  
2. Become a follower of Janae Easton at Platypusfile or craft revival workshop, this will keep you up to date on all my crafting adventures.
3. Heart me at etsy, I would love to become one of your favorite shops!! But don't forget to tell me in the comment section here.
4. Create a post/link to this giveaway on your blog!
5. Purchase an item on etsy or at Textures Handmade Market and you will be entered twice for this giveaway.  If you bought something at the store, let me know what you bought in the comment section.  At the bottom of this post click on comment.  From their you can leave your message.

*The giveaway will last until March 20, 2010 until 11:59pm - In honor of Spring.  I will email you to notify you of your wining!