I have a list that is oh so long of things I want to do

Some days it seems like a hurdle and others it is one of my favorite things to day dream about, all the things I want to do - especially learn to do.  There are days where my mind is crystal clear, not often, and all the ideas are nicely tucked into different boxes and I think how I will get through that list.  Then, most of the time, I cannot remember all those fun things.  I get confused and overwhelmed.  So I thought I would start a list, with images, because we all need images.  I have been a big believer of wish books for sometime, a book of images of those goodies you long for.  So as my starter - needlepoint.  My great friends grandma needle pointed a couch.  Oh my goodness.  This is small and still of great difficulty to me.  Please visit Carrie Wolf's site for more images.